Hussites in Poland

At the beginning of the 15th century, many Poles, especially from Silesia - Silesia belonged to the union of the Czech Crown lands - studied or taught at the University of Prague and thus encountered the teachings of Czech reformers every day. Many Poles from Silesia, however, became followers of the teachings of Jan Hus - Silesia had the most partisans of Hussitism, and throughout the Hussite Revolution Silesia was predominantly anti-Hussite.

Diviš Bořek of Miletínek

A lower nobleman originally from the Hradec Králové region became one of the most important Hussite politicians. By seizing the possessions of the Opatovice and Sezemice monasteries, he acquired extensive landed property, which enabled him to relocate to Kunětická Hora Castle. During his career he was hetman (governor) in Hradec Králové, Chrudim, Litomyšl and Vysoké Mýto cities. At the end of his life, he legalized most of his property gains, and for about two years he was also the purgrave of Prague Castle. As a military leader he had mixed successes. However, he was victorious in the most important battle at Lipany (1434) against radical hussites.